The Lemon Turtle

The Lemon Turtle stocks a wide range of contemporary bushtucker products including jams, sauces, spices, sweets and much more.

Some of our signature products include:

Lemon Myrtle Syrup

No two batches are ever the same. This syrup has a uniquely Australian flavour of the rainforest, which can be used to enhance the taste of ice cream, fruit salad and pancakes. Ideal syrup to enhance the flavour of champagne.

Emu Body Polish

Ideal for those tired, aching hands and feet. Using a quality sea salt infused with macadamia oil, emu oil and a quality blend of pure and essential oils. We have made a product suitable for all skin types.

Emu oil in its purest form is recommended as an anti-inflammatory to ease pain from arthritis, muscle and joint aches, swelling, hemorrhoids, bedsores and burns. This excellent oil is also renowned for soothing the discomfort of skin irritations such as insect bites, acne, psoriasis, razor burns, dry skin and cold sores. It is practical for any skin, muscle or joint distress and is an exceptional moisturiser.

Visit us today to see our full range. We can only accept cash.

Contact Info

Phone: 02 4936 1867

Address: 148 Barton St, Kurri Kurri 2327