Ability Links

NSW_Ability_Links_Logo_copy1.jpgAbility links is a short-term linking service for people with challenged abilities aged from 9 to 64 years. The program will ensure that people can find information and be encouraged to take up opportunities to access their local communities - outside of the traditional “disability service system”.

Ability links offers people with challenged abilities a “Linker” who will assist  to boost their self-confidence and become included in their wider community. Linkers will work with their local communities to help them become more welcoming and inclusive for people with challenged abilities.

Linkers work with participants, their families and/or carers to help plan for their future, build on their strengths and skills, and develop networks in their own communities.

Call Barkuma to speak to an Aboriginal Linker on 4936 4999 or email aelinks@hotmail.com

Ability Links NSW is funded by NSW Government